Advanced Automotive Air Conditioning Service Technology

We design and produce advanced servicing units for vehicle A/C systems.
We supply the workshop with efficient and up-to-date equipment to facilitate and economize the A/C service, to make car passengers feel comfortable and safe and to protect the environment.
Ecos 100 The Ecos product line includes simple and functional automatic units with electronically controlled functionality and reduced overall dimensions. . Essential yet perfect to carry out every stage of the working cycle both during the repair of the A/C system and to execute ordinary maintenance operations.
Fast 200 These units of the last generation have  "Fully Automatic" features and a high technological content wwhich includes a most up-to-date electronic board with graphic display and a data bank concerning most car , truck models and agricultural vehicles
Acsys 300 The Acsys line offersthe functionality of the  "FAST line" products, adding a "touch-screen" control, an  A/C systems diagnosis function, a double scale for the oil charging and a double temperature probe coupling,
Ecos Bus 100 The units of the EcosBus line are designed for the maintenance of the high capacity A/C systems, as for buses and industrial vehicles. Professional and powerful tools, safe and simple to use.