In the last years Air Conditioning has become as a standard for the Automotive Sector. 100% of passengers car has A/C mounted in factory while Agri and Heavy Duty vehicles are retrofitted in aftermarket.

Following this rapid market development all National Authorities approved several norms to rule the sector; in particular for safety and environment pollution.

  • A new refrigerante HFO 1234YF with a low GWP coefficient has been adopted and will replace the R134a.
  • A training for workshop operators is mandatory (F Gas Norm)

Into this picture, for the workshop, born many new opportunities and needs and Oksys want to offer a proper answer to all of them.

Oksys range of Recovery , Recycling, Recharging Units cover all possible needs. With an advanced electronic board, with Graphic Display and Touch Screen, with an Hidraulic and Pneumatic System designed for a quick and efficient service, following the main SAE standards (SAE J 2788, SAE J 2099, SAE 2843)

In our design we take care about modularity and flexibility, with the possibility to add many options like:

  • Kit for Hybrid Vehicles.
  • Flushing Kit
  • Nitrogen Leack Check.

Oksys design in factory both the mechanical and the electronic system and create a easy to use line, with low service and maintenance costs, to offer the best to fit the customer needs.